Ellis/Songs On The Sea/The Guest House

Matt Patershuk /Little Guitar/I Was So Fond Of You

Brother Sun/Mary Don't You Weep And Moan/Weights & Wings

Jenai Huff/Come Home/Grace And Elbow Grease

Don White/More Alive/More Alive

Joe Giacoio/L.a./I Love Hamburgers

Red Moon Road/Planting Trees/Sorrows And Glories

Austin & Elliott/Don't Go Away Mad /Cradle And Crow

John Prine/In Spite Of Ourselves/Sessions At West 54th

John Prine/In Spite Of Ourselves story/Sessions At West 54th

Saor Patrol/Road Back /Celtic Voyage

Lizanne Knott /Stolen Car/Excellent Day

The Deep Hollow/The Chance Is Worth Taking/The Deep Hollow

Runrig /Hearts/ Of Olden Glory /50 Great Songs

Meg Braun/Sweet Dreams for You/Restless Moon

Carla Ulbrich/Needless Dissection/Totally Average Woman

Jed Marum/Loch Tay Boat Song/Calla's Waltz

Moonshine Holler/With My Banjo On My Knee/Old Time Melodies

Bob Cheevers/I dDon’t Need a Thing/ON EARTH AS IT IS IN AUSTIN

Free The Honey/Come Up To The Mountain /Fine Bloom

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