Pharis and Jason Romero/Goodbye Old Paint/A Wanderer I'll Stay

Lenne Klingaman/Tomorrow Is A Long Time/The Heart Is The Hunter

Skinner + T'witch/King Of The River /Rise

Evie Ladin Band/Honey Lou /Jump The Fire

Sammy Walker /Decoration on the Wall/Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'

No Fuss And Feathers /Drift Away/Traveling Circus

The Avett Brothers/I And Love And You/I And Love And You

Andy & Judy/Potter's Field/Follow Your Dream

Cosy Sheridan/The Night The Reindeer Fly/Sometimes I Feel Too Much

Brother Sun/Keep On Going/Weights & Wings

Mike Agranoff /Sing That Stephen Foster Song/Straight Lines

Carla Ulbrich/Gotta Start Smokin'/Totally Average Woman

David Francey/Money Boys/Empty Train

Hege Brynildsen/If A Rose Could Bring You Back/When My Man Comes To Town

Karine Polwart/ I'm Gonna Do it All /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Josh Gray/Heart Like An Ocean/Josh Gray

The Robert Bobby Duo/My Baby Loves Her Man/Folk Art

Emily Hurd/Play Me the River/Landmark

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Aztec Two-Step/Living in America/Living In America

Carrington MacDuffie/My Little Guitar/Crush On You

Suzie Brown/Fallen Down/Almost There

The Show Ponies/Baby, I'm in Love With You/We're Not Lost

Joe Giacoio/Flesh and Blood/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Don White/Good Thing She Can't Read My Mind (A Dude's Eye View) with Christine Lavin/More Alive

Bob Dylan/ Black Diamond Bay/Desire

Curtis & Loretta/Gone Forever/Gone Forever

Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands/I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling/The Hazel And Alice Sessions

Vellamo/Colours of the Meadow/Koskenkylä

Runrig /An Ubhal As Airde - The Highest Apple/Scotland's Glory / Runrig's Ballads

Dougie Maclean/Silently Sad/Snaigow

Chuck Brodsky /Gone to Heaven/The Baseball Ballads

Corinne West Band/Lily Ann/The Promise II

Chuck Brodsky /The Come Heres And The Been Heres/Two Sets - Set Two

Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards/Across The Morning/Grain By Grain

The Poozies/Another Train/Come Raise Your Head (A Retrospective)


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Vincent Cross/Zora's Blues/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/OUT OF MY HEAD/Home Away from Home

Vincent Cross/HOME Away From Home/Home Away from Home

Vincent Cross/A Town Called Normal/A Town Called Normal

Vincent Cross/Freeport Town /Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/As The Crow Flies/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Alone/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/The Ballad Of Roosevelt Avenue/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/LAUGH MY CRY/Home Away from Home

Vincent Cross/Going Down That Road/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/ Garments Of Shame/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Michael Brown /Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Ode To An Old Guitar/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Memories/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Passing Through/Old Songs For Modern Folk

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Jed Marum/The Wild Geese/            Calla's Waltz

Jed Marum/Calla's Waltz/Calla's Waltz

Jed Marum/Hattie's Battle of Franklin            /Calla's Waltz

Brother Sun/Mighty Long Way/Weights & Wings

Brother Sun/Where Are You Moses/Weights & Wings

Brother Sun/When I'm Gone/Weights & Wings

Meg Braun/Gypsy Moon/Restless Moon

Meg Braun/Red Bird/Restless Moon

Meg Braun/Oh My Lorraine/Restless Moon

Fraser & Girard/Dance Hall Girls/Fraser & Girard

Fraser & Girard/My Name is Carol/Fraser & Girard

Fraser & Girard/Outside St. Louis/Fraser & Girard

Don White/Last Dance/More Alive

Don White/How To Get Your Kids To Move Out/More Alive

Don White/Away From the Sun/More Alive

Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards/That Old Machine/Grain By Grain

Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards/Across The Morning/Grain By Grain

Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards/Grain By Grain/Grain By Grain

The Deep Hollow/They All Say/The Deep Hollow

The Deep Hollow/Porch Light/The Deep Hollow

The Deep Hollow/Clipped Wings/The Deep Hollow


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Joe Giacoio/Get Back To Work/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/I Love Hamburgers/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Long Story Short /I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Galileo/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Joe Giacoio/God Knows/I Sing the Body Acoustic

Joe Giacoio/In God's Image/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Barometer/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/No Place Like Home/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Perhaps/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Pigs/I Love Hamburgers

Joe Giacoio/Whistling Dixie/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Joe Giacoio/Jury Of My Peers/ I Love Hamburgers

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Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard/Live This Long/Django and Jimmie

Fraser & Girard/Match Stick Man/Fraser & Girard

The Robert Bobby Duo/Dance Hall Girls/Folk Art

Robin & Linda Williams/Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger/Stonewall Country

Pine Hill Project/Making Plans/Tomorrow You're Going

Steve Earle/Days Aren't Long Enough/Washington Square Serenade

Sue Massek & Si Kahn/ I Don't Want Your Millions Mister/Precious Memories

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss/ Killing The Blues/Raising Sand (CD)

The Everly Brothers/Kentucky/Songs Our Daddy Taught Us

Emmylou Harris & Willie Nelson/Gulf Coast Highway/Duets

Ellen Busktel and Nick Annis/By My Silence/Single (New)

Dar Williams/Slippery Slope/Emerald

Julie Parisi Kirby/Lord Franklin/In Her Dream

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/Attics of My Life/ Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Corinne West & Billy Joe Phelps/Amelia/Magnetic Skyline

Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Angel of the Morning/Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor: Live from the Ruhr Triennale

Byrd and Street/The Checkout Line/Then and Now

Laurie Lewis & Kathy Kallick/Happy I'll Be/Sing The Songs Of Vern & Ray

Les Paul & Mary Ford/How High the Moon/The Hit Makers!

Lisa Moscatiello & Fred Lieder/I Saw Your Face/What Happens After Love

The Lords Of Liechtenstein/Marie/Oh, Hello Sweetie Pie

Magpie /Bracero/Working My Life Away

Mara Levine/The Dutchman/Jewels and Harmony

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris/If This Is Goodbye/Real Live Roadrunning


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Phil Ochs/I Ain't Marching Anymore /I Ain't Marching Anymore

Phil Ochs/The Men Behind the Guns/I Ain't Marching Anymore

Phil Ochs/Jim Dean Of Indiana/Greatest Hits

Phil Ochs/Days of Decision/I Ain't Marching Anymore

Phil Ochs/There But for Fortune/Phil Ochs In Concert

Phil Ochs/Outside of a Small Circle of Friends/Pleasures of the Harbor

Kim & Reggie Harris/Do What I Have To Do/Resurrection Day

Phil Ochs/Cops of the World/Phil Ochs In Concert

Phil Ochs/Changes/Live in Lansing 1973

Zach Stevenson/Changes/While I'm Here

Phil Ochs/When I'm Gone/Phil Ochs in Concert           

Harry Chapin/The Parade's Still Passing By/On the Road to Kingdom Come

Tom Paxton/Phil/Best of the Vanguard Years

Eric Andersen/ White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land/The Street Was Always There (great American Song Series Vol. 1)

Phil Ochs/That's What I Want To Hear (LP Version)/ Farewells & Fantasies [Disc 1]

Emma's Revolution Take Your Vagina to the RNC /Single (New)

Phil Ochs/The Scorpion Departs, But Never Returns/ Rehearsals for Retirement

Phil Ochs/Lou Marsh/All The News That's Fit To Sing

Phil Ochs The Highwayman I Ain't Marching Anymore

Phil Ochs Power and the Glory On My Way, 1963 Demo Session


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Ellis/Songs On The Sea/The Guest House

Matt Patershuk /Little Guitar/I Was So Fond Of You

Brother Sun/Mary Don't You Weep And Moan/Weights & Wings

Jenai Huff/Come Home/Grace And Elbow Grease

Don White/More Alive/More Alive

Joe Giacoio/L.a./I Love Hamburgers

Red Moon Road/Planting Trees/Sorrows And Glories

Austin & Elliott/Don't Go Away Mad /Cradle And Crow

John Prine/In Spite Of Ourselves/Sessions At West 54th

John Prine/In Spite Of Ourselves story/Sessions At West 54th

Saor Patrol/Road Back /Celtic Voyage

Lizanne Knott /Stolen Car/Excellent Day

The Deep Hollow/The Chance Is Worth Taking/The Deep Hollow

Runrig /Hearts/ Of Olden Glory /50 Great Songs

Meg Braun/Sweet Dreams for You/Restless Moon

Carla Ulbrich/Needless Dissection/Totally Average Woman

Jed Marum/Loch Tay Boat Song/Calla's Waltz

Moonshine Holler/With My Banjo On My Knee/Old Time Melodies

Bob Cheevers/I dDon’t Need a Thing/ON EARTH AS IT IS IN AUSTIN

Free The Honey/Come Up To The Mountain /Fine Bloom

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The Hackensaw Boys/C'mon Baby Don't Bet Against Me/Charismo

The Hackensaw Boys/By And By/Charismo

The Hackensaw Boys/Limousin Lady/Charismo

Phil Ochs/Rehearsals for Retirement/Rehearsals for Retirement

Phil Ochs/I Kill Therefore I Am/Rehearsals for Retirement

Phil Ochs/The Bells/Live in Lansing 1973

Curtis & Loretta/Your Direction/Just My Heart For You

Curtis & Loretta/Gypsy Laurie/Gone Forever

Curtis & Loretta/Hard Times Come Again No More/Just My Heart For You

Elisa Peimer/Better/Inside the Glass

Elisa Peimer/Daffodils/Inside the Glass

Elisa Peimer/This Life/ Inside the Glass

Donal Hinely/Barn Wood/Dark Horse Days

Donal Hinely/I've Got a Feeling/Dark Horse Days

Donal Hinely/Ain't Nobody/Dark Horse Days

Lizanne Knott/Tennesse/Excellent Day

Lizanne Knott/Sometimes/Excellent Day

Lizanne Knott /Lay My Burden Down/Excellent Day

Vincent Cross/Alone/ Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Garments Of Shame/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Vincent Cross/Passing Through/Old Songs For Modern Folk


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