Goodbye Blue/Light the Way/Worth the Wait

Sammy Walker/Catcher In the Rye/Sammy Walker

Amber Rubarth/Along For The Ride/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Craig Werth /New York Days/Loose Gems

Liam Clancy /Patriot Game/Irish Troubadour

Phil Ochs/AMA / 22 songs

Ellis/Five Hundred Crows/The Guest House

Gordie Tentrees Band/Tired of Time/Less Is More

Dori Freeman/Lullaby/Dori Freeman

Mike Agranoff/ The Kid With the Comic Book/Straight Lines

Robby Hecht/The Sea And The Shore/Robby Hecht

Kirsten Maxwell/What Are You Doing to Me/Crimson

Tom Pacheco/Boomtown/Boomtown

Twangtown Paramours/Chains/The Promise Of Friday Night

Thomas Hine/Just Like Juan Ortiz/Some Notion Or Novelty

Vincent Cross/A Town Called Normal/A Town Called Normal

John Malcolm Penn/Tennessee Girl/Driftin' River

Red Molly/Gulf Coast Highway/James

John Flynn/The Most You Can Ask/Poor Man's Diamonds

Erika Kulnys/ Rise Up/Single

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