Lizanne Knott/Someday Love/Excellent Day

First Aid Kit/Universal Soldier/Universal Soldier - Single

The Hackensaw Boys/The Sweet/Charismo

Robin Lee Garber/Road To Paradise/Resilience

Elisa Peimer/Bobby Hollywood/Inside the Glass

Curtis & Loretta/Gone Forever/Gone Forever

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/We Can't Go Home Again /Welcoming The Flood

Phil Ochs/William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed / Where Were You In Chicago/Rehearsals for Retirement

Steve Goodman/Easter Parade/The Easter Tapes

Chuck Brodsky /Acre By Acre/A Fingerpainter's Murals

Sammy Walker /There But For Fortune/Old Time Southern Dream 

Vincent Cross/Alone/Old Songs For Modern Folk

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Goodbye Blue/Light the Way/Worth the Wait

Sammy Walker/Catcher In the Rye/Sammy Walker

Amber Rubarth/Along For The Ride/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Craig Werth /New York Days/Loose Gems

Liam Clancy /Patriot Game/Irish Troubadour

Phil Ochs/AMA / 22 songs

Ellis/Five Hundred Crows/The Guest House

Gordie Tentrees Band/Tired of Time/Less Is More

Dori Freeman/Lullaby/Dori Freeman

Mike Agranoff/ The Kid With the Comic Book/Straight Lines

Robby Hecht/The Sea And The Shore/Robby Hecht

Kirsten Maxwell/What Are You Doing to Me/Crimson

Tom Pacheco/Boomtown/Boomtown

Twangtown Paramours/Chains/The Promise Of Friday Night

Thomas Hine/Just Like Juan Ortiz/Some Notion Or Novelty

Vincent Cross/A Town Called Normal/A Town Called Normal

John Malcolm Penn/Tennessee Girl/Driftin' River

Red Molly/Gulf Coast Highway/James

John Flynn/The Most You Can Ask/Poor Man's Diamonds

Erika Kulnys/ Rise Up/Single

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Rex Fowler/Marianne/Gettysburg

Mark Knopfler/ Piper To The End/Get Lucky

Vincent Cross/My Love/A Town Called Normal

Curtis & Loretta/On The Day They Said I Do/When There's Good To Be Done

Andy Ferrell/High Water, Low Bridge /At Home And In Nashville

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

The Robert Bobby Duo/Dance Hall Girls/Folk Art

Dulcie Taylor/Prayers /Wind Over Stone

David Roth/Hold Steady/So Far, So Good

Linda McRae/Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts/Fifty Shades of Red

Gathering Time/The Blue Robe/Keepsake

Austin & Elliott/Bleak /Cradle And Crow

Kirsten Maxwell/Driftwood/Crimson


Charlie Roth/Lady of the West/Oh My Stars

No Fuss And Feathers /Union Pacific /Traveling Circus

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/Me and The Man In The Moon/ Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Brindl/Love It Up/Love It Up

Honor Finnegan/Roses And Victory/Roses And Victory

Joey+Rory/When I'm Gone /His and Hers

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Amber Rubarth/Along For The Ride/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Amber Rubarth/Take Your Burden/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Amber Rubarth/Losing My Religion/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Matt Patershuk/ Mean Coyotes/I Was So Fond Of You

Matt Patershuk /Little Guitar/I Was So Fond Of You

Matt Patershuk /I Was So Fond Of You/I Was So Fond Of You

Goodbye Blue/ Light the Way/Worth the Wait

Goodbye Blue/So Hard Anymore/Worth the Wait

Goodbye Blue/Worth the Wait/Worth the Wait

Andy Ferrell/Photographs And Letters/At Home And In Nashville

Andy Ferrell/High Water, Low Bridge /At Home And In Nashville

Andy Ferrell/The Price Of Freedom/At Home And In Nashville

Jeff Buckley/Calling You/You And I

Jeff Buckley/The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/You And I

Jeff Buckley/Just Like A Woman/You And I

Runrig/ In Scandinavia/Year Of The Flood

Runrig/Gabriel's Sword/50 Great Songs

Runrig /The Mighty Atlantic - Mara Theme/Scotland's Glory / Runrig's Ballads

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Goodbye Blue/Another One on the Way/Worth the Wait

David Francey/Empty Train/Empty Train

Monica Rizzio/Delta Dawn/Washashore Cowgirl

CALI SHAW/Under The Olive Tree /Under The Olive Tree

Camela Widad/River/Warriors of Love

Julie Parisi Kirby/What Have You Done/In Her Dream

Madison Malone/Dormant /single

Curtis & Loretta/Willmar 8 (We Are All Equal You Know) / There's Good To Be Done

Hege Brynildsen/ Lovely Charming Ways /When My Man Comes to Town

Daniel Crabtree/The Day I Realized I Was A Sinner/The Gospel Road

Rob McNurlin/The Rapture/The Gospel Guitar

Steve Martin/Atheists Don't Have No Songs/Rare Bird Alert

Carla Ulbrich/We Don't Need a Walmart/Live From Outer Space

Chloe Ray/New York / Waiting Room

Matt Patershuk/ Prettiest Ones/I Was So Fond Of You

Kirsten Maxwell/I Already Know/Crimson

Michael and Jennifer McLain Band/This Old Heart/single

Victor & Penny/You're A Revelation/Electricity

Stuart Kabak/Mom's Guitar/No Matter Where You're Going

Amber Rubarth/Letter From My Lonelier Self/A Common Case Of Disappearing


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Rachael Sage/Helpless Featuring Judy Collins [Radio Edit]/Helpless

Michael Troy / Want My Country Back/I Am American

Leonard Cohen/You Got Me Singing /Popular Problems

The Young Folk/Home (Radio Edit) /First Sign of Morning

Martin Grosswendt And Susanne Salem-Schatz/Mama Lou/Old Songs, New Hats

Hege Brynildsen/ Lovely Charming Ways /When My Man Comes to Town

David Kraai & The Saddle Tramps / In Her Eyes, Devil In Her Grin/High & Lonesome

Eli West/You Asked Me To/The Both

City Of The Sun/To The Sun And All The Cities In Between /To The Sun And All The Cities In Between

Quiles & Cloud/Mississippi River/Beyond The Rain

Spuyten Duyvil/ The Cruel War/The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

Sam Gleaves/If I Could Write A Song/ Ain't We Brothers

Susie Fitzgerald/Everywhere & Nowhere/Restless

Marcus Mumford, Oscar Isaac and The Punch Brothers/Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) /Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

The Milk Carton Kids/New York/Prologue

Qristina and Quinn Bachand/Crooked Jack/Little Hinges

Chuck Brodsky /The Come Heres And The Been Heres/Two Sets - Set Two

Richard Shindell/The Storms Are On the Ocean/South of Delia

Tom Russell/The Sky Above, The Mud Below/The Tom Russell Anthology: Veteran's Day [Disc 2]

Bill Staines/A Place In The Choir/The Happy Wanderer

Bobtown/Across The River/A History Of Ghosts

Kirsten Maxwell/All I Am/Crimson

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Gathering Time/Station Song/Keepsake

Gathering Time/The Blue Robe/Keepsake

Gathering Time/Westerly/Keepsake

Gathering Time/Silkie /Keepsake

Gathering Time/Mom's Guitar/Keepsake

Gathering Time/The Touch Of Your Hand/Keepsake

Gathering Time/Sketches/Keepsake

Gathering Time/Who Knows Where The Time Goes/ Keepsake

Gathering Time/Train Coming/Songs of Hope and Freedom

Gathering Time/Keepsake/Keepsake

Gathering Time/A Light In The Darkness/Keepsake

Gathering Time/The Highest Walls Guard The Greatest Treasure/Keepsake

Gathering Time/Broken Chain/Keepsake

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Carla Ulbrich/Totally Average Woman/Totally Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/How to Become a Folksinger/Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/If I Had the Copyright (The F Word Song-Bleeped)/Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/Toasted Chicken Sandwich/Her Fabulous Debut

Carla Ulbrich/My Love/Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/Joe Wants a Song/Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/I Hope You're Happy/Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/Sittin' In the Waiting Room/Sick Humor

Carla Ulbrich/Prednisone/Sick Humor

Carla Ulbrich/A Name Is A Name (My Name Is Carla)/Professional Smart Aleck

Carla Ulbrich/Man Pants/Totally Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/Joe's Ex-Girlfriends/Totally Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/Scrambled Eggs/ Live From Outer Space

Carla Ulbrich/Gotta Start Smokin'/Totally Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/Aunt Flow Rag /Totally /Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/Needless Dissection/Totally Average Woman

Carla Ulbrich/What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone/Professional Smart Aleck

Carla Ulbrich/One Good Song/Live From Outer Space

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David Francey /Holy Ground/Empty Train

David Francey/Fool/Empty Train

David Francey /Crucible/Empty Train

Eli West/Give Me Your Love & I'll Give You Mine/The Both

Eli West/You Asked Me To (Instrumental)/The Both

Eli West/The Lone Pilgrim/The Both

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/And The Band Plays On/Welcoming The Flood

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/Unloved Daughter/ Welcoming The Flood

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/We Will All Die Together/Welcoming The Flood

Corin Raymond/Hard On Things/Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Corin Raymond/I Only Drink A Little/Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Corin Raymond/Take Me To The Mountain/Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Austin & Elliott/Rocking The Cradle/Cradle And Crow

Austin & Elliott/Justice Song Of The Birds/Cradle And Crow

Austin & Elliott/Shake Off The Snow Cradle And Crow

Lisa Null/I'm Going Home To Georgia/Legacies

Lisa Null/The Banks Of Champlain/Legacies

Lisa Null/James Hewitt's The Star-Spangled Banner/ Legacies

Monica Rizzio/Texarkana/Washashore Cowgirl

Monica Rizzio/Willie Nelson/Washashore Cowgirl

Monica Rizzio/On My Way (Featuring Mark Erelli)/Washashore Cowgirl

CALI SHAW/Hold On To /Under The Olive Tree

CALI SHAW/Artemis /Under The Olive Tree

CALI SHAW/Over The Rainbow/Under The Olive Tree

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Kirsten Maxwell/What Are You Doing to Me/Crimson           

Kirsten Maxwell/All I Am/Crimson           

Kirsten Maxwell/I Already Know/Crimson (live)           

Kirsten Maxwell/I Can't Help It/Crimson

Kirsten Maxwell /Dirty Water /(live unpublished)

Kirsten Maxwell/Crimson/Crimson (live)           

Kirsten Maxwell/We Always Miss/Crimson (live)

Kirsten Maxwell/Driftwood/Crimson           

Kirsten Maxwell/I Have To Go (The Shower Song)/Crimson (live)

Kirsten Maxwell/Goodbye/Crimson           

Kirsten Maxwell/Mr. Angel/Crimson           

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