Jay Mankita/Rain Rain /Morning Face

Buford Pope/The Poem And The Rose/Poem And The Rose

Adler & Hearne/Salty Town/Second Nature

Bob Neuwirth/Rock Salt and Nails/Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

The Lucky Sisters/My Best To You/So Lucky

Robert Nash/Fragments of the Morning/The Ghost of Your Old Love

Mary McCaslin & Jim Ringer/Mama Lou/The Bramble & the Rose

Linda Draper/Circle Game /Single

Grady Frazier/Run Away Run Away - Single

Lauren Nicole Heintz/Where I Belong/Where I Belong

Honor Finnegan/Song Of Bernadette/Roses And Victory

Ellis/Moab In November/The Guest House

Bill Staines/Mama Lou/ Old Dogs

Judy Kass/Beyond The Ash And Steel /Beyond The Ash And Steel

Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands/Farewell My Home/The Hazel And Alice Sessions

Jim Kerns/Sheeps Blood /single

Martin Grosswendt And Susanne Salem-Schatz/It Hurts Me/Old Songs, New Hats

The Lucky Sisters/The Only Star I See/So Lucky

Kirsten Maxwell/We Always Miss/Crimson

Dougie Maclean/Silently Sad/Snaigow

Efrat/Turn, Turn, Turn/The Silver Lining



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