Steven Gellman/Somethin' Funny Going On/Peaceful World

Regina Spektor/ Man Of A Thousand Faces/Far

Mark Knopfler /Mighty Man/Tracker

Corinne West/Road To No Compromise/Magnetic Skyline

Josh Gray/The Outlaw/Josh Gray

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller/Puncheon Floor/Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller Deep End Sessions Vol. II

Kevin Dooley/Top of the Tree/Single

KJ Denhert/Destiny/Destiny

Sheena Wellington/The Tryst /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Paperboys/City of Chains/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Wes Weddell/To Have and to Hold/Nobody's Flag

Sue Massek/I Hate The Capitalist System/Precious Memories

Tom Russell/The Rose of Roscrae (Maura O'Connell Version)/The Rose of Roscrae

Dulcie Taylor/Cherokee/Wind Over Stone

Grace Pettis/The Gypsy's Code/Grace Pettis

The Honey Dewdrops/Young /Tangled Country

Efrat/Before You Were Born/The Silver Lining

Ellen Bukstel/They Lost My Vote/Daddy's Little Girl

Ellis/Right Now/Wherever You Are

Gina Forsyth/Old Fashioned Waltz/You Are Here

Martyn Bennett/Nae Regrets/The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Capercaillie/Seinneam Cliù nam Fear Ùr /The Ultiimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Bob Dylan/Song To Woody/Bob Dylan

Marci Geller/Only Love Matters/Square Peg


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