Clint Alphin/The Flood/Postmodern Man

Charm City Junction/Joe Bane's Barndance/Charm City Junction

Jen Hajj/The Hawks of Winter/Shelter Songs

Dougie Maclean/Gloomy Winter/The Essential Dougie Maclean

Brindl/Walk Alone/Love It Up

Michael Jerling            /Bush League Hero/Music Here Tonight

Efrat/Bring Me Peace/The Silver Lining

Joe Crookston/The Nazarene/Joe Crookston 2015

Bob Warren/The Silver Fox/Clear Connection

Kathy Kallick Band/Sally Ann            /Foxhounds

Robert Burke Warren/God Thinks the World of Me/Lazyeye

Free The Honey/Honey Blues/Fine Bloom

Sharon Goldman/Silent Lessons/Silent Lessons

No Fuss and Feathers Road Show/Quiet Christmas/Traveling Circus

Barrule/The Wheel Of Fire/Manannan's Cloak

Marci Geller/Only Love Matters/Square Peg

Sam Gleaves/Your Long Journey (feat. Leigh Beamer)/A Little While in the Wilderness

Linda Draper/Right On Time/Edgewise

Geoff Bartley/Painted Pony/Uncle Wiggly's Bicycle Ride

Emily Barnes/Catch Me If You Can/Beautiful Goodbyes

John Malcolm Penn/Old Glory/Driftin' River

Carla Ulbrich/Dr Pepper/Totally Average Woman

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/East Dakota Waltz/East Dakota Waltz

Mara Levine/River/Jewels and Harmony

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