Donna Ulisse/Papa's Garden/Hard Cry Moon

Donna Ulisse/As Long As We're Together/Hard Cry Moon

Donna Ulisse/Whispering Pines/Hard Cry Moon

The John Byrne Band/Sing On Johnny/The Immigrant And The Orphan

The John Byrne Band/The Ballad Of Diamond And 4th/The Immigrant And The Orphan

The John Byrne Band/The Immigrant And The Orphan/The Immigrant And The Orphan

Amy Soucy/Little Wooden Boat/This River

Amy Soucy/Old Crows/This River

Amy Soucy/This River            /This River

3hattrio/Carry Me Away/Dark Desert Night

3hattrio/Get on the Bus/Dark Desert Night

3hattrio/Crippled-up Blues/Dark Desert Night

Dulcie Taylor/Prayers/Wind Over Stone

Dulcie Taylor/Cherokee/Wind Over Stone

Dulcie Taylor/I Wanna Ride/Wind Over Stone

Carl Solomon/Play To Win (Featuring Sam Howard, Radoslav Lorkovic & Ji Tanzer)/ Promised Land

Carl Solomon/Falling (Featuring Sam Howard & Anna Tivel)/ Promised Land

Carl Solomon/We Will Sing (Featuring Sam Howard, Ji Tanzer, Paul Kwitek, Kelly Brightwell & Kelly Bosworth)/ Promised Land

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Home (Featuring The Savoy Family Cajun Band)/ Dancin' in the Kitchen

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Everything Possible/Dancin' in the Kitchen

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Birthday Pup (Featuring Riders in the Sky)/Dancin' in the Kitchen

Happy Traum /The Water Is Wide/Just For The Love Of It

Happy Traum/High Muddy Water/Just For The Love Of It

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/ Just For The Love Of It

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