Brandi Carlisle/ The Story/ The Story

Indigo Girls /Gone/ Beauty Queen Sister

Bonnie Raitt/ I'm Blowin' Away/ Home Plate

Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers/Gone, Gonna Rise Again/ Aragon Mill

Cheryl Wheeler /Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing /Sylvia Hotel

Red Molly/Your Long Journey/Light In The Sky

Mark Knopfler/Restless Farewell/Chimes of Freedom

Marcus Mumford,Punch Brothers/Farewell/ADAT

Paul Simon/Homeless /Graceland

Mary Chapin Carpenter/I Take My Chances/Come On Come On

Jay Mankita/From A Dog's Stance/Dogs Are Watching Us

Susan Toney/Friends And Enemies /Strange Child

Jack White/We're Going to Be Friends/ADAT

Chuck Brodsky /2000 Friends /Tell Tale Heart

Nick Annis/Company of Friends/Apples & Oranges

Roz Brown/Fairweather Friends/A Cowboy and His Sweetheart

Jakob's Hollow /A Few New Friends/The Legend Of Bobby The Kid

Shel Silverstein I Got Stoned and I Missed It/The Best of  Shel

Harry Chapin/Remember When The Music /The Gold Metal Collection

Chuck Brodsky /Circle/ Radio

David Massengill/Rider on an Orphan Train/The Return

Jude Johnstone /Shatter/Shatter

Nanci Griffith/From A Distance/From A Distance

Keb' Mo'/Tomorrow Is a Long Time/ADAT

Amy Speace/John Fullbright/The Sea And The Shore/How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat


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