Sammy Walker/Catcher In the Rye/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty

Dar Williams/If I Wrote You/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Dar Williams/After All/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Jack Tempchin/ Jesus And Mohammed/   Room To Run EP

Ellen Bukstel/By My Silence/Daddy's Little Girl

Nick Annis/Jesus Said/Apples & Oranges

Pat Wictor/What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?/ Living Ever-Lovin' LIVE

Moors And McCumber/All Great Tragedy/Pandemonium

Kipyn Martin/Dance Across The Sky /single

Vanaver Caravan/Deportee/Pastures Of Plenty - Songs of Woody Guthrie

The Waymores /Sweet Companion/The Waymores

Wendy Francisco/Bob Dee Dee/Land of Your Heart

Wendy Francisco/God And Dog/n/a

Rod MacDonald/Young Republicans in Love/ Later That Night

Robby Hecht/A Reckoning of Us/Last of the Long Days

Regina Spektor/ Human Of The Year/Far

Red June/Saddle Up My Son/Ancient Dreams

Red Molly/Sing To Me/The Red Album

Peter Gabriel/Blood Of Eden/Blood Of Eden


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