Dar Williams/Girl of the World/Emerald

Dar Williams/Something to Get Through/Emerald

Dar Williams/Mad River/Emerald

Dar Williams/New York is a Harbor/Emerald

The Honey Dewdrops/ Same Old/Tangled Country

The Honey Dewdrops /Young/Tangled Country

The Honey Dewdrops/Remington/Tangled Country

Dave Crossland/Razorback Woman/Mother Country

Dave Crossland/I Remember America/Mother Country

Dave Crossland/Daydream Believer/Mother Country

Sue Massek/I Hate The Capitalist System/Precious Memories

Sue Massek & Si Kahn /I Don't Want Your Millions Mister/Precious Memories

Sue Massek/Girl Of Constant Sorrow /Precious Memories

Marc Black/No Fracking Way /Sing for the Silenced

John Sebastian /Link in the Chain/Sing for the Silenced

Happy Traum/ Sailing Down My Golden River (Intro)/Sing for the Silenced

Pete Levin/Sing for the Silenced (Solo)/Sing for the Silenced

Marc Black/Sing for the Silenced (Studio)/Sing for the Silenced

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