The Chieftains/Morning Has Broken (w/Diana Krall And Art Garfunkel)/The Wide World Over

Norah Rendell/ St. Patrick's Day/Spinning Yarns

Mary Black/Song For Ireland/Women Of The World: Celtic

David Rovics/Saint Patrick Battalion/Waiting For The Fall - A Retrospective

Charlie Roth/Irish Angel/Rogues of St. Germain

Celtic Thunder /Ireland's Call/Celtic Thunder

Rod MacDonald/Ireland, Ireland/Recognition

Si Kahn/Ireland Of My Dreams/Courage

Greg Trooper/Ireland/ Between A House And A Hard Place Live At Pinehill Fa

Heywood Banks/Why St. Patrick drove the Snakes!/

The Onlies/Moll Ha'Penny - Dennis Murphy's/Long Before Light

Jess Klein/Ireland/Draw Them Near

Piper-Grey/Ireland/Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!

Mark Knopfler /Irish Boy /Screenplaying

Eric Andersen /Irish Lace/Ghosts Upon The Road

Van Morrison & The Chieftains/Irish Heartbeat/Irish Heartbeat

Liam Clancy/Patriot Game/Irish Troubadour

Antje Duvekot /Dublin Boys/Snapshots

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