Karyn Oliver/Magdalene/Magdalene

Donna Hughes /Sad Old Train /Gaining Wisdom

David Roth/Gush Or Bore/Think Twice

Shawna Caspi/ I Will Bring You Home/Skyline

Dennis Cash/A Carter Family Song/Sing Me A Carter Family Song

Old Crow Medicine Show/I Hear Them All/Big Iron World

John Prine/Illegal Smile/John Prine

Donovan/Colours/Donovan's Greatest Hits

Sarah McQuaid/Kenilworth/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Jude Johnstone/Quiet Girl/Quiet Girl

Leonard Cohen/You Got Me Singing/  Popular Problems

Loretta Hagen/School Bus Driver/Sundown Till Dawn

Sammy Walker /My Old Yearbook/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty

Lucinda Williams/Concrete And Barbed Wire /Car Wheels On A Gravel Road


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