Ellis/Five Hundred Crows/The Guest House

Jim Kerns/California Day/ Single

Luther Wright And The Wrongs/City of New Orleans/My Old Man: A Tribute To Steve Goodman

Kate Fenner/I Just Keep Falling In Love/My Old Man: A Tribute To Steve Goodman

Rosanna Goodman/My Old Man/My Old Man: A Tribute To Steve Goodman

Father Al And The Jazz Congregation/ Love Being Here With You/Here's To Life

Bettman & Halpin/River/Merry Christmas

Sally Barris/ Somebody Misses You/The Road in Me

Chris Vallillo/Hallelujah I'm A Travelin'/Oh Freedom! Songs Of The Civil Rights Movement

The Lucky Sisters/Let The Mystery Be/So Lucky

Ellis/Songs On The Sea/The Guest House

Kirsten Maxwell/What Are You Doing to Me /Crimson

Paperboys/Better than the Last/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Runrig /Loch Lomond (Live)/Scotland's Glory / Runrig's Ballads

Loretta Hagen/As We Count (On New Years Eve)/Mud And Stone

The Copper Ponies/It's A New Year Now/Ring Them Bells

First Aid Kit/New Year's Eve /The Lion's Roar

Meg Braun/New Year's Eve/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Slaid Cleaves/New Year's Day/Wishbones

Jessica Smucker & The Sleeping World/New Year Song/The Broken Moment

Hank Stone/A New Noel /           

Charles Lyonhart/New Moon/Down To The Hard Line

Terence Martin /Throw You Out Of Heaven/Even Trade

Robby Hecht/Late Last Night/ Late Last Night

Andy & Judy/Never Goin' Back/Follow Your Dream

Ben Bedford/Land Of The Shadows/Land Of The Shadows

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Bing Crosby/ The Bells of St. Mary's/Soundtrack Bells of Saint Mary's

Tom Pacheco/Christmas On Times Square/Woodstock Winter

Celtic Thunder/Christmas Medley/Holiday Symphony

Steve Earle/Christmas In Washington/El Corazón

Don White/Christmas Memories/Winning Streak

Debi Smith/Christmas Is Born/If I Were An Angel

Cassie and Maggie MacDonald/ Little Road To Bethlehem/single

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum/Christmas Time's A-Comin/Winter's Grace

Reilly & Maloney/Christmas Is Comin'/A Christmas Album (2012 Reissue)

Mara Levine With Joe Jencks/Straw Against The Chill/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Bettman & Halpin/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Merry Christmas

Douglas John Cameron/I Hate Christmas/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Joe Jencks/Christmas In Mansfield/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Steven Gellman/Christmas for Cowboys (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

Helen Avakian/Christmas Tree/Vanishing Point

Randall Kromm/Christmas Magic/Holidays And Homecomings

Bill Staines/A Christmas Lullaby/Beneath Some Lucky Star

John McCutcheon/Christmas in the Trenches/Water from Another Time

Gina Forsyth/Christmas in China/Promised Land

John Prine/Christmas In Prison/Sweet Revenge

Urban Monroes/Hark the Herald Angels Sing            /Playing in the Snow

Tom Lehrer/A Christmas Carol/Song & More Songs

No Fuss and Feathers Road Show/Quiet Christmas/Traveling Circus

Martin Swinger/ Christmas Blues/Scrapbook

Uncle Rock/You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch/ Express Your Elf

Dave Potts/Christmas Eve/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 6

Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)



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Julie Parisi/The Long Twilight/In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/Moonbeam Memory/In Her Dream (live)

Julie Parisi/One World /In Her Dream (live)

Julie Parisi/If You Were Here/In Her Dream (live)

Julie Parisi/Sweet Bane Dark Delight/In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/Nonna/In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/What Have You Done/In Her Dream (live)

Julie Parisi/My Old Home/In Her Dream (live)

Julie Parisi/World That's Safe /In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/In Her Dream/In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/Christopher O'rordan/In Her Dream

Julie Parisi/Love On The Breeze/In Her Dream

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Steven Gellman/Somethin' Funny Going On/Peaceful World

Regina Spektor/ Man Of A Thousand Faces/Far

Mark Knopfler /Mighty Man/Tracker

Corinne West/Road To No Compromise/Magnetic Skyline

Josh Gray/The Outlaw/Josh Gray

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller/Puncheon Floor/Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller Deep End Sessions Vol. II

Kevin Dooley/Top of the Tree/Single

KJ Denhert/Destiny/Destiny

Sheena Wellington/The Tryst /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Paperboys/City of Chains/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Wes Weddell/To Have and to Hold/Nobody's Flag

Sue Massek/I Hate The Capitalist System/Precious Memories

Tom Russell/The Rose of Roscrae (Maura O'Connell Version)/The Rose of Roscrae

Dulcie Taylor/Cherokee/Wind Over Stone

Grace Pettis/The Gypsy's Code/Grace Pettis

The Honey Dewdrops/Young /Tangled Country

Efrat/Before You Were Born/The Silver Lining

Ellen Bukstel/They Lost My Vote/Daddy's Little Girl

Ellis/Right Now/Wherever You Are

Gina Forsyth/Old Fashioned Waltz/You Are Here

Martyn Bennett/Nae Regrets/The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Capercaillie/Seinneam Cliù nam Fear Ùr /The Ultiimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Bob Dylan/Song To Woody/Bob Dylan

Marci Geller/Only Love Matters/Square Peg


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Brooksie Wells spoke with Artie via telephone from her home. The following music was played:

Brooksie Wells/Save The Day/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/North East Rising Sun/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells /Nothing Changes/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/No Notion/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/Silver Spoon/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/Someday Ever Comes/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/ You Can't Fix Crazy/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/ Shame Houses/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/Who Needs A Man/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/ Shame On The Moon/North East Rising Sun
Brooksie Wells/Holding His Heart/North East Rising Sun

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Mike Hertz & Emily Barnes/Good Days/Closer to Home

FREEBO/Funk Up the Folk/If Not Now When

Spuyten Duyvil/ Barbara Allen/The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

Todd Burge/Step Aside/Imitation Life

Adrianna Ciccone/A Daisy For Gilda/The Back Of Winter

George Mann/Beautiful Blond Babies/Portraits

Julie Miller/I Still Cry/Broken Things

Glen Roethel/Together/Unfolding

George Winston/Carol Of The Bells/December

Greenbriar Boys/Banks Of The Ohio/Best Of The Vanguard Years [Disc 1]

Greenbriar Boys/Pal Of Mine/Best Of The Vanguard Years [Disc 1]

Greg Trooper/Steel Deck Bridge/Incident on Willow Street

James Durst/An Old Man's Lullaby/Wish I Were Here

Jim Reeves/He'll Have to Go/The Essential Jim Reeves

Woody Pines/Worth the Game/Woody Pines

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard/It's All Going to Pot/Django and Jimmie

Kathy Kallick/The Night the Boat Capsized/Cut to the Chase

Jim Kerns/God help us/Single


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Regina Spektor/ Laughing With/Far

Seth Lakeman/The Shoals of Herring/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Sarah McQuaid/Canticle Of The Sun (All Creatures Of Our God And King)/Walking Into White

Old Man Luedecke/The Briar and the Rose/Domestic Eccentric

Scott Cook/I Live Down Here/Go Long

Qristina and Quinn Bachand/Listen/Little Hinges

Same Latitude As Rome/The Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee/Early Days

Sam Gleaves/Angel In The Ashes/Ain't We Brothers

Rick Drost/Pictures On The Wall/Some Songs 2015

Red Moon Road/Planting Trees Sorrows And Glories

The Railsplitters/Tilt-a-Whirl/The Faster It Goes

Pine Hill Project/Making Plans/Tomorrow You're Going

Slocan Ramblers/Angeline/Coffee Creek

Pharis and Jason Romero/Poor Boy/A Wanderer I'll Stay

Pete Levin/Sing for the Silenced (Solo)/Sing for the Silenced

The Onlies/Skipping Stones - North Fork/Long Before Light

Hudson Harding/Christine Lavin - The Runaway Christmas Tree/Happy Holidays, Volume 10

Paperboys/Back to You/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Runrig/In Search Of Angels/50 Great Songs

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Jesse Palidofsky/Lay Down Your Heavy Burden/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/I AM AN IMMIGRANT/Single           

Jesse Palidofsky/What It's All About/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Lift Me Up/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Wondrous Day/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Glad You Made It Through The Fire/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Shaina/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Hallelu/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Water The Seeds Of Joy/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Time To Shed The Old Skin/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Nowhere To Go, No One To Be/Dancing Toward The Light

Jesse Palidofsky/Parting Song/Dancing Toward The Light


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Michael Troy/Lullaby/I Am American

Michael Troy/The Thief/Romancing the Moon

Michael Troy/Love Song/I Am American

Runrig/And The Accordions Played/50 Great Songs

Bob Dylan/Absolutely Sweet Marie (Take 1, Complete)/The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 - The Bootleg Series Volume 12 (Deluxe Edition)

Chip Taylor/Intro to One for the Road/Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

Chip Taylor with Guy Clark Carrie Rodriguez /One for the Road Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

Elaine Romanelli /Shine /The Hour Before

Runrig / Running To The Light/50 Great Songs

Mick West/Time Wears Awa/A Poor Man's Labour

Story Laurie & Friends/ Grandma Said/Groovin' in the Garden

Mark Dvorak/Once I Had An Old Banjo/Back Home

John Prine/When Two Worlds Collide/In Spite Of Ourselves

Uncle Rock/The Season of Light/Express Your Elf

Moonshine Holler/Gonna Write Me A Letter/Old Time Melodies

Noel Paul Stookey/Not That Kind Of Music/At Home: The Maine Tour

Anna Laube/Satisfied Mind / Laube

Brooksie Wells/ Shame On The Moon/North East Rising Sun

Free The Honey/Go With The Light/Fine Bloom

Ronan Furlong /Cold Cold Stars/Binary Magic E.P.

Jerry Hannan/Society/Society

Terry Kitchen/So Much More To Home/The Post-American Century

Avery Hill/The Other Side Of The Water/Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album

Steve Earle/Dirty Old Town/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/Just For The Love Of It


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John Prine/Sam Stone/ Sessions At West 54th

Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

John Prine/My Old Man/Sessions At West 54th

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Jackson Browne/The Long Way Around/Standing In The Breach

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/The Cowboy Song/East Dakota Waltz

Joe Giacoio/Barometer/I Love Hamburgers

Tom Russell/The Man from God Knows Where/The Man from God Knows Where

Dougie Maclean/We'll Be Together Again/The Essential Dougie Maclean

Otter Creek/Bidder 70/ The Fiddle Preacher

Lori Lieberman/Lucky Life/Ready For The Storm

Ishbel MacAskill/Thig an Smeòrach as t-Earrach /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Rex Allen/On Top of Old Smokey/Tumbling Tumbleweeds

George Quinn /Fourty Years Too Late/Runaway Cow

Runrig/In Search Of Angels/50 Great Songs

Bobby Darin/Simple Song of Freedom/The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11B: 1971

Chip Taylor /Intro to 16 Angels Dancing Cross the Moon/Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

Chip Taylor & John Prine/ 16 Angels Dancing Cross The / Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

Chip Taylor/ Intro to One Hell of a Guy /Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

Chip Taylor & Guy Clark /One Hell of a Guy /Sixteen Angels Dancin Cross the Moon

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