Harry Chapin/Thanksgiving Hunger Drives/The Gold Medal Collection [Disc 1]


Robyn Landis/Thanksgiving/Waterproof


Liyana/Thanks/Sugar Rhythms


Mary Gauthier  /Thanksgiving/Between Daylight and Dark


George Winston/Thanksgiving/December


Heywood Banks/Thanksgiving /Difernt


Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant Massacree/The Best Of Arlo Guthrie


Mary Chapin Carpenter/Thanksgiving Song/Come Darkness, Come Light - Twelve Songs of Christmas


Carrie Newcomer/Thank You Good Night/A Permeable Life


Loudon Iii Wainwright/Thanksgiving (Live)/Career Moves


Jakob's Hollow/Thankful/The Legend Of Bobby The Kid


David FranceyGrateful/Late Edition


Paul Sachs/Gratitude/Survival Is the New Success


Tom Chapin/Chain Of Food/Give Peas A Chance


The Federal City Brass Band; Washington Revels Gallery Voices/Give Thanks All Ye People (William Augustus Muhlenberg)/Hard Times Come Again No More: American Music Of The Civil War Era


Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh/Give To Receive/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Vol. 8


Lizanne Knott  /The Giving Time/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Vol. 8


Natalie Merchant/Giving Up Everything/Natalie Merchant


Magpie/Give Light/Give Light


The Poozies/Another Train/Come Raise Your Head (A Retrospective)


Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)




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Mark Erelli/Mother of Mysteries/Little Vigils

Annie Lou/Tried and True/Tried and True

Jed Marum/Calla's Waltz/Even As I Ramble

Cassie and Maggie/The King's Shilling            /Sterling Road

Sauce Boss/Song of the Irish Band/100% Pure

Terry Holder/Fortune Teller/Flowers At Midnight

The Show Ponies/Some Lonesome Tune/Run for Your Life

Bob Dylan/Sign On The Cross/A Tree With Roots - Volume 3

John Mellencamp/Freedom of Speech/ Plain Spoken

Erika Kulnys/September So Long/Wings

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge/When I Heard Hazel Sing (Featuring Bob Harris) /Hamburger Sandwich

Bobtown/Darlin'/A History Of Ghosts

Zak Smith/Signs Of Life/Signs Of Life

Robyn Landis/Marathon/Waterproof

Nell Robinson With John Doe/ Stateside/The Rose Of No-Man's Land

Tim Grimm/Fruit/Wilderness Plots

Tom Pacheco/Angel/The Lost American Songwriter

Krista Detor/Aurora Means Dawn/Wilderness Plots


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Three for Thursday on Monday inluding:

Annie Lou    Roses Blooming    Tried and True
Annie Lou    Haunted    Tried and True
Annie Lou    It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song    Tried and True
Lucinda Williams    Big Mess    Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
Lucinda Williams    It's Gonna Rain    Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
Lucinda Williams    Magnolia    Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
Bob Dylan & The Band    Nothing Was Delivered (Take 1)    The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11
Bob Dylan & The Band    Million Dollar Bash (Take 1)    The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11
Bob Dylan & The Band    900 Miles from My Home    The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11
The Kinks    Uncle Son (Alternate Version)    Muswell Hillbillies (Legacy Edition)
The Kinks    Mountain Woman    Muswell Hillbillies (Legacy Edition)
The Kinks    Lavender Lane    Muswell Hillbillies (Legacy Edition)
Jed Marum    Shines Like Gold    Even As I Ramble
Northfield School Choir    Show Pity Lord    Even As I Ramble
Michael Martin Murphey    Lorena    Even As I Ramble
Nell Robinson With Ramblin' Jack Elliott    Drive On    The Rose Of No-Man's Land
Nell Robinson    Poppies    The Rose Of No-Man's Land
Nell Robinson    American Anthem    The Rose Of No-Man's Land

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Bob Dylan/Idiot Wind/The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

Red Molly/Your Long Journey/Light In The Sky

The Wailin' Jennys/Calling All Angels/Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House

Bruce Balmer /Water Over The Dam/Get Outta Park

Buddy Mondlock/Crooked Scars/The Memory Wall

Leonard Cohen/You Got Me Singing/Popular Problems

Nell Robinson /Heroes/The Rose Of No-Man's Land

Richard Shindell/Shades Of Black, Shades Of Blue/Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection [Disc 2]

Zak Smith/Alamo/Signs Of Life

Chip Taylor/Ted Williams/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)/Cat & the Dog Trap/Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Owen Roberts/Ya Sabia/Bay to Maples

Brandi Carlile/ That Wasn't Me/Bear Creek

Craig Werth/Kate's Not So Easily Moved/The SpokesMan

Dar Williams/Iowa (Acoustic Revisited Version) [feat. Sam & Sean Watkins, Motherlode & Mary Chapin Carpenter]/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

The Show Ponies/Get Me While I'm Young /Run for Your Life

Beth Wood/For Catherine/Sometimes Love

Tom Chapin/Join The Jubilee/Join the Jubilee

10,000 Maniacs/Noah's Dove/ MTV Unplugged

Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers/ When the Morning Breaks/Aragon Mill

Spuyten Duyvil/Honey Whiskey/Temptation

Sammy Walker/Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone/Misfit Scarecrow

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 A tribute to Terence Martin who passed away 3 years ago today, way before his time. Here is just a small sampling of his incredible lyrics and music.

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Playlist Episode 12


Leonard Cohen/Samson in New Orleans/Popular Problems

Leonard Cohen/Born in Chains/Popular Problems

Leonard Cohen/You Got Me Singing/Popular Problems

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)/Dying to Live            /Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)/            Cat & the Dog Trap            /Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)            Doors            Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Bobtown/Across The River/ A History Of Ghosts

Bobtown/Rumble Seat /A History Of Ghosts

Bobtown/Oh, Undertaker /A History Of Ghosts

Owen Roberts/You Won't Burn Me            Bay to Maples

Owen Roberts/New Paltz Waltz/Bay to Maples

Owen Roberts/Bay to Maples/Bay to Maples

Owen Roberts/Mattine a Modena/Bay to Maples

Bob Dylan & The Band/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Take 1)/The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11

Bob Dylan & The Band/Too Much of Nothing (Take 2)            The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11

Bob Dylan & The Band/One Too Many Mornings/The Basement Tapes Sampler: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11

Brandi Carlile            I'll Still Be There/Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile            Dying Day/Give Up The Ghost

Brandi Carlisle/The Story/The Story

Nanci Griffith/Boots Of Spanish Leather/Other Voices, Other Rooms

Nanci Griffith            /There's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)            From A Distance

Nanci Griffith            /Gulf Coast Highway/ From A Distance





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Playlist 11/5/14


Leonard Cohen/Alexandra Leaving/The Essential Leonard Cohen [Disc 2]

Bob Dylan & The Band/Blowin In the Wind (edit) /Complete Basement Tapes

Sia/Breathe Me/Colour The Small One

Amanda Pearcy/Bring You Home/Royal Street

Hazel Dickens  /Busted /A Few Old Memories

Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk/Car Song           

Bee Gees/Edison/Odessa (Deluxe Version)

First Aid Kit/Emmylou / iTunes Session

Moira Smiley & Voco /I Live In California Laughter Out Of Tears

Laurie Lewis /Kisses (Featuring Tom Rozum & Nina Gerber)/One Evening in May

Amber Rubarth/Letter From My Lonelier Self/Amber Rubarth 11 A Common Case Of Disappearing (inspiraled musc)

Chip Taylor/Little Prayers/Little Prayers (disc3)

Rex Fowler/Marianne/Gettysburg

Mike Agranoff/My Favorite Diseases/Ain't Never Been Plugged

Owen Roberts/New Paltz Waltz/Bay to Maples

Michelle Lewis/None Of That Now   /The Parts Of Us That Still Remain

Antje Duvekot/Reasonland /The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

Jacob Johnson/She's Got A Way/One-Take Jake

Circle of Trees/Three Little Birds /Mastered_Approval   KB Masters NEW

Jesse Winchester/Whispering Bells/A Reasonable Amount of Trouble

Corinne West Band/04 Lily Ann/The Promise II



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