Episode #8  10/28/14 with the music of:

Craig Werth If Angels Had No Wings /The SpokesMan
Hardin Burns  The Call/Down The Deep Well
New Line /The Blackest Crow /Can't Hold The Wheel
Dave Rowe/The Soldier /All Of The Dreams
Brad Colerick/Tucson /Tucson
Billy Strings & Don Julin/Miss The Mississippi And You /Fiddle Tune X
Patrick Sylvest /She Was An Angel /Lonesome Troubadour
Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside /Signs Of Life
Taylor Goldsmith /Liberty Street /Lost On the River, The New Basement Tapes
Glen Roethel/Together/Unfolding
Brooksie Wells/My Favorite Food /Pineapples, Butterflies, & Dinosaurs
Johnny Ray/The Little White Cloud That Cried /The Best Of Johnny Ray
Harry Chapin/Tangled Up Puppet/he Gold Medal Collection [Disc 1]
John McCutcheon/Monkeys /Hail to the Chief! And Other Short Shelf-Life Classics
Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine /Zen Master Blues /oor, On Tour & Over 54
The Milk Carton Kids/Memphis/The Ash & Clay
Mike + Ruthy /Long Way Home/The Honeymoon Agenda
Natalie Merchant / Lulu/Natalie Merchant
The Nutopians /All You Need Is Love/Lennon-Re-Imagined

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