Mostly Folk Episode 5



Ray Lambiase/No One Wants Me Here/Twenty Lies (And Other Stories)

Lee Murdock/We're Going To Pump Out Lake Erie/What About The Water

Dulcie Taylor/America In A Day/Dulcie Taylor 14 Only Worn One Time(Mesa/Bluemoon)

Twin Forks/Something We Just Know/Twin Forks

Playing On The Planet/Nowhere West Virgina (Featuring Steve Baskin)/ Bangor Bound

Chip Taylor/Tryin to Let the Angels Know/Little Prayers (disc3)

Becca Frame & Brian Shafer/Adaliegh/Short Stories & Tall Boys

Ballroom Orchestra & Singers/I'll Put You Together /Golden Hits: Do You Remember

Ben Bedford/Land Of The Shadows/Land Of The Shadows

Ben Weaver/While I'm Gone/Mirepox & Smoke

Phil Ochs/Pretty Smart/ On My Part /Live in Lansing 1973

Phil Henry/Ruthie's General Store /Aberdeen

Tim Grimm/Barbara Allen/Names

Beth Wood/Easy On Me/Sometimes Love

Bill Staines/Ceremony/Beneath Some Lucky Star

Bob Dylan/Belle Isle [Without Overdubs]            /Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 [Disc 2]

Tom Pacheco/What Would Woody Think/Boomtown

Antje Duvekot/Vertigo (feat. Natalia Zukerman)/Live From All Over the Place

Sammy Walker/Marvin and Paula/Misfit Scarecrow

Anthony da Costa/In The U.S.A./Quality Time

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