Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter

The Velvet Underground/I'm Sticking With You/Peel Slowly and See (Box Set)

Steven Gellman/Somethin' Funny Going On/Peaceful World

David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin            /Just Surrender/In The Bleak Midwinter

Sauce Boss/Cadillac of a Woman/100% Pure

Eliza Gilkyson /Coast/Hard Times In Babylon

Fred Raimondo/Mona /Stories From The Dark Heart Tavern

Utrban Monroes/Ashes_of_Love/One_Fret_Makes ADifference

The Vinegar Creek Constituency/She is Real            Angel of the Last Waltz

Carrie Rodriguez/He Ain't Jesus/Seven Angels On A Bicycle

Urban Monroes/Time of Your Life 1/Pavement and Pathways

Jessica Smucker/Sweet & Broken/Tumbling After

Steven Gellman/Shenandoah/Love Loss Longing

Jessica Smucker & The Sleeping World/New Year Song/The Broken Moment

Dan Fogelberg/Same Old Lang Syne/The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg

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Marienne Kreitlow/Jolly Old St. Nicholas/Beautiful Illusion

Steve Earle/Christmas In Washington/El Corazón

John Prine/Christmas In Prison/Sweet Revenge

Helen Avakian/ Christmas Tree Vanishing Point

Decembersongs/I Won't Be Home For Christmas/Decembersongs '13

The Good Lovelies/Another Year To Wait/Under The Mistletoe

Arlon Bennett /The Christmas Tree on Salem Street/World of Possibility

My Christmas Guitar/My Christmas Guitar/Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel V2.0

Michelle Shocked/The Christmas Song/Christmas Guitars

Decembersongs/Pretty Paper/Decembersongs '13

Shawn Colvin//Christmas Time Is Here/Holiday Songs And Lullabies

John McCutcheon/ Christmas in the Trenches/Water from Another Time

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum/Christmas Time's A-Comin/Winter's Grace

Decembersongs/Dad's Drunk Again On Christmas/Decembersongs '13

Janis Ian/Child in a Barren Land/Precious Child: The Story Of Christmas

Randall Kromm/Christmas In The Clink/Holidays And Homecomings

Rough Shop/Merry Christmas Everyone/Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Urban Monroes /Little_Drummer Boy/Playing in the Snow

Reilly & Maloney/Christmas Is Comin'/A Christmas Album (2012 Reissue)

Don White/Christmas Memories/Winning Streak

The Tall Pines//Christmas Morning Comin Down/single           

Tom Lehrer/A Christmas Carol/Song & More Songs

Nickel Creek/Christmas Eve / A Dotted Line

Dave Potts/Christmas Eve/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 6

Gina Forsyth/Christmas in China/Promised Land

Chip Taylor/Christmas In Jail/ Unglorious Hallelujah

Joe Jencks/Christmas In Mansfield/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Tom Chapin/Christmas In New England/Let The Bad Times Roll

Bob Dylan/Three Angels/New Morning

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Tom Pacheco/Christmas On Times Square/Woodstock Winter

Phil Ochs/Ballad Of A Carpenter/Live in Lansing 1973

Krista Detor/Awake the Voice           

Hank Woji/The Last Time I Saw Jesus/Holy Ghost Town

Sandy Andina & Stephen Ray Rich/It Sucks Being Sick At Christmas            Merry Humbug!

Mindy Smith/Come To Jesus/One Moment More

Ray Lambiase/Christmas In Juarez/Twenty Lies (And Other Stories)

Nick Annis/Jesus, Inc. /Steal The CowMAR06

Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Nick Annis/Jesus Said/Apples & Oranges

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer/Cross of Jesus/Little Blue Egg

Tracy Newman And The Reinforcements/Mama, I Know You Ain't Santa/A Place in the Sun

Chip Taylor/Jesus Christ -Don't let the Cactus Fall/Jesus Christ don't let the Cactus Fall

Leo Kottke/Jesus Maria/Try And Stop Me

Mindy Smith/Tomorrow is Christmas Day/Snowed In

Bill Staines/A Christmas Lullaby/Beneath Some Lucky Star

Odetta/ Poor Little Jesus/Gonna /Let It Shine

Martin Swinger/Red Ribbon MP3/NeW SINGING OUT

Jude Johnstone /Touchdown Jesus/Shatter

Celtic Thunder/ Carol of the Bells/Holiday Symphony

Pat Lamanna/What Would Jesus Buy?/ Do I Know My Song Well Enough to Start Singing Yet?

Sammy Walker/ For My Dad/ Old Time Southern Dream


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singer/songwriter music from:

 Peggy Lee/I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard  /Stay with Me

 Sally Barris/Wilder Girl/The Americana Agency - Sampler 2013

 Sam Baker/Psychic/Pretty World

 Deb Talan/Ashes On Your Eyes/Respond II [Disc 2]

 Sauce Boss/Chicago Combat Zone/100% Pure

 Cassie and Maggie/Jimmie's/Sterling Road

 Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Oh Set a Light            Red Dog Tracks

 Lucy Kaplansky/The Gift/ The Hills

 Randall Kromm/Let's Make A Change/Time Won't Let Us Stay

 Heather Styka/Limbs  /While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet

 Tom Pacheco  /John, The Stranger From Texas/Year Of The Big Wind (Bare Bones III

 Dulcie Taylor/New Stone/Dulcie Taylor 14 Only Worn One Time(Mesa/Bluemoon)

 Ellis/500 Crows/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set One

 Old Crow Medicine Show/8 Dogs 8 Banjos/Remedy

 Cheryl Wheeler  /Arrow/Different Stripe

 Jen Starsinic/The Only One Who Can Break A Heart            /The Flood And The Fire

 Amanda Pearcy/Ordinary Lives/Royal Street

 Antje Duvekot/ Long Way/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

 Kris Delmhorst/Broken White Line/Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection [Disc 1]




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Honor Finnegan /Snow Day/Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel V2.0


Brandi Carlile/That Wasn't Me/Bear Creek


Second Hand/Would You Miss Me?/The Second Hands


Steven Gellman/Goodbye, New Orleans/Revisited


Craig Bickhardt /Adoration /Precious Child: The Story Of Christmas


David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin/In The Bleak Midwinter/In The Bleak Midwinter


Steven Gellman/Jewish Christmas (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer


Mark Allen Berube/ Bride of Frankenstein Hair/Sticky


Second Hand/The Wind Blew/The Second Hands


The Sweet Lowdown/River Winding Down/Chasing The Sun


Jon Brooks/Worse Than Indians/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside


Jessica Smucker/Sweet & Broken/Tumbling After


The New Basement Tapes/Florida Key            Lost On The River (Deluxe)


Adler & Hearne/Salty Town/Second Nature


Rough Shop/ Snowbound Girl/Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree


Carolann Solebello/ Movie Queen/Steel and Salt


Brooksie Wells/Janglin'/Down Home Divas


Sammy Walker/A Simple Hour Operation/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty


The Waymores/Sweet Companion/The Waymores



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Erika Kulnys/Keep Your Feet Moving/Wings

Erika Kulnys/Virgin Mary/Revolution

Erika Kulnys/Angel/Revolution

Cassie and Maggie/Sisters/Sterling Road

Cassie and Maggie/Polkas/Sterling Road

Cassie and Maggie/Buain A'choirce/Sterling Road

The New Basement Tapes/Spanish Mary/Lost On The River (Deluxe)

The New Basement Tapes/When I Get My Hands On You/Lost On The River (Deluxe)

The New Basement Tapes/Lost On The River #20/Lost On The River (Deluxe)

Steven Gellman/Home Sweet Home (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

Steven Gellman/Different/Revisited

Steven Gellman/Goodbye, New Orleans/Revisited

Mark Allen Berube/Ludivine/Sticky

Mark Allen Berube/Lying in a Box/Sticky

Mark Allen Berube/Friend Me Lately/Sticky

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Music from:

Brandi Carlile/What Did I Ever Come Here For/Bear Creek

Bob Dylan/Abandoned Love/Biograph [Disc 2]

Slim Whitman  /The Three Bells/Songs from Slim

Krista Detor/Honey Down a String/Flat Earth Diary

Katie Gosnell/Dear Katie/Dear Katie

 The Early Mays/Everything/The Early Mays

Liam Clancy   Patriot Game Irish Troubadour

Rod MacDonald/With God on our Side/A Tale of Two Americas

Tracy Grammer/Winter When He Goes/Flower Of Avalon

Nick Bayard/Silver/Memento

Julie Gold/Greed/Love is Love is Love

Christine Lavin  /If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy a Puppy/If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy a Puppy

The New Basement Tapes/Duncan And JimmyLost On The River (Deluxe)

Nick Bayard/Jo-Ann/Memento

The Early Mays/Old Stone Wall/The Early Mays

Peer Ostroushko/Old Virginia Reel/The Mando Chronicles - [Disc 1] - Americana

Joan Baez/Jerusalem/Bowery Songs

Steve Earle/Jerusalem/Jerusalem

Antje Duvekot/ Jerusalem/Big Dream Boulevard


Direct download: Episode201720-2012_2_142C202.5420PM201.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:10am EST

Part 2 of an interview with Chip Taylor who discusses his new album The Little Prayers Trilogy, a 3 CD album divided into 3 different themes. Among the songs played will be:


Chip Taylor/God Bless Norwegians/ Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Chip Taylor/Martha. Martha/Little Prayers (disc3)

Chip Taylor/Queen of the World/Little Prayers (disc3)

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/Sleep With Open Windows/Little Prayers (disk1)

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/I'll Only Be Me Once/ Little Prayers (disk1)

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Chip Taylor & the Grandkids/Did You Hear What Jennifer Did?/Golden Kids Rules

Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/Nothin Comin Out of Me Like That/Love & Pain (disc2)

Chip Taylor/Wish I Could Die Just One More Time/Little Prayers (disc3)



Direct download: taylor20interview20part2022020MASTERED.mp3
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Part 1 of an interview with Chip Taylor who discusses his new album The Little Prayers Trilogy, a 3 CD album divided into 3 different themes. Among the songs played will be:


Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Wild Thing/Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor: Live from the Ruhr Triennale

Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor/Angel of the Morning/Carrie Rodriguez & Chip Taylor: Live from the Ruhr Triennale

Chip Taylor/Black and Blue America/New Songs of Freedom

Chip Taylor/Nine Soldiers in Baltimore/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/He's A Good Guy (As Well You Know)  /The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/Used To Be A White Boy/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/Ontario Crimes / The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/Ted Williams/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Chip Taylor/Tryin to Let the Angels Know/Little Prayers (disc3)

Direct download: taylor20interview20part2012020MASTERED.mp3
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Harry Chapin/Thanksgiving Hunger Drives/The Gold Medal Collection [Disc 1]


Robyn Landis/Thanksgiving/Waterproof


Liyana/Thanks/Sugar Rhythms


Mary Gauthier  /Thanksgiving/Between Daylight and Dark


George Winston/Thanksgiving/December


Heywood Banks/Thanksgiving /Difernt


Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant Massacree/The Best Of Arlo Guthrie


Mary Chapin Carpenter/Thanksgiving Song/Come Darkness, Come Light - Twelve Songs of Christmas


Carrie Newcomer/Thank You Good Night/A Permeable Life


Loudon Iii Wainwright/Thanksgiving (Live)/Career Moves


Jakob's Hollow/Thankful/The Legend Of Bobby The Kid


David FranceyGrateful/Late Edition


Paul Sachs/Gratitude/Survival Is the New Success


Tom Chapin/Chain Of Food/Give Peas A Chance


The Federal City Brass Band; Washington Revels Gallery Voices/Give Thanks All Ye People (William Augustus Muhlenberg)/Hard Times Come Again No More: American Music Of The Civil War Era


Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh/Give To Receive/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Vol. 8


Lizanne Knott  /The Giving Time/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Vol. 8


Natalie Merchant/Giving Up Everything/Natalie Merchant


Magpie/Give Light/Give Light


The Poozies/Another Train/Come Raise Your Head (A Retrospective)


Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)




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