Michael Veitch /Pledging Allegiance/Wake Up Call

Dori Freeman/ Just Say It Now/Letters Never Read

Young and Rusty/Shadow On The Wall/Comeback Coming On

Citizen Jane/ Your Atmosphere/In The Storm

Humbird/Kansas City/Where Else

Jeffery Straker/Thousand Miles Away /Dirt Road Confessional

Katie Dahl Eric Lewis And Rich Higdon/Hard Times            /Solid Ground The Songs Of Fred Alley

Mipso/Spin Me Round/Coming Down The Mountain

Mipso/Coming Down The Mountain/Coming Down The Mountain

Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes/Well I Guess I Told You Off/Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes

Banner/ In My Mind/Single

Michael Gutierrez-May /Air/Firefly In A Jar Of Emotion

Loretta Hagen/Ladders/Lucky Stars

Marianne Girard/Train of Love/Pirate Days

Moonshine Holler/Deadheads And Suckers/Old Time Melodies

Night Tree/Wheel In The Forest/Night Tree

The Malvinas/Moses/God Bless The Grass

Lindsay Straw/Basket of Eggs/The Fairest Flower of Womankind

Gozer Goodspeed/Every Night, Saturn's Rings/The Barrel Headlong into the Night EP

Abigail Dowd/Isle On the Water/Don't Wake Me

Alastair Moock /Morning/Alastair Moock

Uncle Earl/Wallflower /Waterloo, Tennessee

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