Dar Williams/I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything/In The Time Of Gods  

Dar Williams/As Cool As I Am (Acoustic Revisited Version)/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Dar Williams/Storm King/In The Time Of Gods [Advance]

Val Blaha/Heart On The Line/Water, Ashes And Wood

Val Blaha/Water, Ashes And Wood/Water, Ashes And Wood

Val Blaha/Slipping Away/Water, Ashes And Wood

Norah Rendell/Letty Lee/Spinning Yarns

Norah Rendell/ Here's a Health Unto All True Lovers/Spinning Yarns

Norah Rendell/ When I Wake In the Morning/Spinning Yarns

The Lied To's/Tennessee/The Lied To's

The Lied To's/Do You Ever Miss The Things You Swore You Never Would            /The Lied To's

The Lied To's/Ten/The Lied To's

Gathering Time/If It Would Only Rain/When One Door Closes...

Gathering Time/The Fox/When One Door Closes...

Gathering Time/Train Coming/Songs of Hope and Freedom

Craig Werth/Beside The Tree/ Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 5

Craig Werth/My Only Daughters/Loose Gems

Craig Werth/If Angels Had No Wings /The SpokesMan


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