Eliza Gilkyson /Midnight Oil /The Nocturne Diaries

Eliza Gilkyson /The Red Rose and the Thorn /The Nocturne Diaries

Eliza Gilkyson/ The Ark /The Nocturne Diaries

Bob Dylan/Stay With Me/Shadows in the Night

Bob Dylan/Autumn Leaves/Shadows in the Night

Bob Dylan/That Lucky Old Sun/Shadows in the Night

Steven Gellman/Second Chance/Return to Summer Lake

Steven Gellman/Beautiful Day /Peaceful World

Steven Gellman/Home Sweet Home (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

David Williams /Snowblind/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Could You Be the Gypsy/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Old Dancing Bear/Little Prayers of Belief

Ynana Rose/Golden / Rose

Ynana Rose/Do I Ever Cross Your Mind/Ynana Rose

Ynana Rose/Everywhere/Ynana Rose

John Flynn/Bury Me with My Guitar/Poor Man's Diamonds

John Flynn/Kintsugi/Poor Man's Diamonds

John Flynn/The Pennywhistle and the Rose/Poor Man's Diamonds

Brandi Carlile/That Wasn't Me/Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile/Wherever Is Your Heart/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter


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