Suzanne Vega/The Queen and the Soldier/Suzanne Vega

Sumner Anderson/The Very Last Cowboy's Response/Out Along The Bend

Donna Hughes/ He Was There/Gaining Wisdom

Elton Britt/She Taught Me to Yodel/Yodelling Hillbilly, Vol. 1

Wyatt Easterling/Stumbling Towards The Light/Divining Rod

Joshua James/Golden Bird/My Spirit Sister

Tim Grimm/Thirteen Years/A Stranger In This Time

Rachael Sage/The Tide/The Tide

Mike Laureanno/Troy (For Michael Troy/ Tightrope

Michael Troy/I Want My Country Back/I Am American

The Lords Of Liechtenstein/Mattress King/Downhill Ride To Joyland

Leslie Nuchow/Union Miner/Balm for Gilead


Ray Duncan/When Love Is Not Enough/This Road

Pat Wictor/The Trial/This Is Absolutely Real

Julie Snow/No Tears/No Ordinary Love

Jenny Bienemann/Pay The Piper/Every Soul Grows To The Light

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver/Brother Have You Heard/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Alice Gerrard/Calling Me Home/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Jon Shain/Touch of An Angel's Hand/Caution to the Wind

Peter Mayer/Head of the Shed /Third Street

Chip Taylor/Los Alamitos Story/A Song I Can Live With


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