Michael Troy/I Want My Country Back/I Am American

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Emma's Revolution/Silent Spring/One X 1,000,000 = Change

Burns & Kristy            Mother/ Can You Hear Me /Always Home

Noel Paul Stookey/Nukes R Nuts/AT Home: The Maine Tour

Sam Baker/Baseball/Mercy

Jude Johnstone            /A Woman's Work/A Woman's Work

Jayne Olderman/Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing/Crossing The Border

Gigi Love/In The Grand/National Parks Centennial Songs

Gordon Thomas Ward/ One Kiss /live recording

The Savage Hearts/Age/Playing It Forward

Steven Gellman/Second Chance/Hearth & Home

Susie Fitzgerald/Everywhere & Nowhere/Restless

Chuck Brodsky /The Come Heres And The Been Heres/Two Sets - Set Two

Jed Marum/Massacre at Glencoe/Calla's Waltz

Dulcie Taylor/America In A Day/Dulcie Taylor 14 Only Worn One Time(Mesa/Bluemoon)

Rod MacDonald/White Flour /Later That Night

Eva Cassidy/American Tune/American Tune

David Francey /American Blues/So Say We All

Beth Marlin/God Is Random/Let Me In

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