Stray Birds/Blue Yodel #7/Echo Sessions

Brindl Tired /Of This Town/Love It Up

Joe Crookston/ Good Luck John/ Joe Crookston 2015

Terry Holder/ In God's Eyes /Ticket To The Moment

Jon Brooks/ The Only Good Thing Is An Old Dog / The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

George Quinn /Runaway Cow/Runaway Cow

Kirsten Maxwell/We Always Miss/Crimson

Sam Gleaves/Let Myself Believe/Ain't We Brothers

Martin Grosswendt And Susanne Salem-Schatz/It Hurts Me/Old Songs, New Hats

Honor Finnegan/Song Of Bernadette/Roses And Victory

Bobtown/Morning Sun/A History of Ghosts

Joe Crookston /The Nazarene/Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Moors And McCumber/Buried In Stone/Live From Blue Rock

Michelle Lewis/Run Run Run/ The Parts Of Us That Still Remain

Grant Peeples And The Peeples Republic/Breakfast In The Gulag/A Congress Of Treason

Cheryl Wheeler/Lady Gaga's Singing Program / Greetings: Cheryl Wheeler Live (feat. Kenny White)

Rex Fowler/Girl From New York City/Gettysburg

Sue Massek & Si Kahn/I Don't Want Your Millions Mister/Precious Memories

Carla Ulbrich /Toasted Chicken Sandwich/ Professional Smart Aleck

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer/Merlin's Lament/Drum Hat Buddha


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