Mike Herz & Emily Barns/Traveler's Song /Closer to Home

Mike Herz/If The Stars Align/Overgrown

Emily Barnes/Always/Beautiful Goodbyes

Emily Barnes/One DayBeautiful /Goodbyes

Emily Barnes/Catch Me If You Can/Beautiful Goodbyes

Mike Herz & Emily Barnes/Color Me/Closer to Home

Mike Herz & Emily Barnes/Wild & Free/Closer to Home

Mike Herz & Emily Barnes/Good Days/Closer to Home

Mike Herz & Emily Barnes/Just Look Towards The Sun/Closer to Home

Emily Barnes/Never Getting Back To/Beautiful Goodbyes

Mike Herz & Emily Barnes/Money's All Gone/Closer to Home

Mike Herz/Work In Progress/Overgrown

Mike Herz/Dear Younger Me/Overgrown

Emily Barnes/Don't Say Goodbye/Beautiful Goodbyes

Emily Barnes/Moving On/Beautiful Goodbyes


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