Marc Black with John Sebastian, Eric Weissberg, Steve Somers (the Schmoozer), Warren Bernhardt and George Quinn/Mets Song/Pictures of the Highway

Laura Oden/One Tattoo Girl /Alchemy

Andrew Finn Magill/Maurice O'connor's Third Air/Roots

Jim Palana/Emmylou's Waltz/Lefty

Pat Guadagno/ Dont Let Us Get Sick/Live at the City Lights Saloon

Pat Guadagno with Keb Mo/ This Guitar Is for Sale/Ney Jersey Material

Nancy Cassidy/Come Home to Me/Heart of a Song

John Gorka/Winter Cows/Before Beginning

Carla Ulbrich/The Scooter Store/Live From Outer Space

Judy Collins & Ari Hest/Elena/Silver Skies Blue

Spook Handy/ My Rainbow Race/Keep The Flame Alive

Kaia Kater/Nine Pin/Nine Pin

Gordie Tentrees Band/Love in Ink/Less Is More

Amber Rubarth/You Got Through/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Lenne Klingaman/Mercy Street/The Heart Is The Hunter

Meg Braun/Oh My Lorraine/Restless Moon

Gathering Time/Mom's Guitar/Keepsake

Joe Giacoio/ Galileo/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Brother Sun Carried Away Weights & Wings

Bettman & Halpin/Diamond/Diamond

Bill Staines/Mama Lou/ Old Dogs

Ellis/500 Crows/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set One

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