Sarah McQuaid/Canticle Of The Sun (All Creatures Of Our God And King)/ Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Parting Glass/When Two Lovers Meet

Sarah McQuaid/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Yellowstone/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/I Am Grateful For What I Have/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Silver Lining/Walking Into White

Mama/Crow Coyote Buffalo/Crow Coyote Buffalo

Mama/Sunshine/ On a Rainy Day 2008/Crow Coyote Buffalo

Sarah McQuaid/New Oysters New/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Jackdaws Rising/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Tide/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Where The Wind Decides To Blow/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Walking Into White/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Plum Tree and The Rose/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Low Winter Sun/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/In The Pines/I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning

Sarah McQuaid/Can She Excuse My Wrongs/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/In Gratitude I Sing/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Leave It For Another Day/Walking Into White

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