Alice Howe/Homeland Blues/You've Been Away So Long

Alice Howe/Swimming/The Clearing

Alice Howe/Another Ocean/The Clearing

Alice Howe/Sympathy/The Clearing

Alice Howe/The Return/The Clearing

Alice Howe/La despedida/The Clearing

Alice Howe/ As You Are/Tiger Lilly

Alice Howe/ Tiger Lily/Tiger Lilly

Alice Howe/Nothing But You /You've Been Away So Long

Alice Howe/Make A Fool Out Of Me /You've Been Away So Long

Alice Howe/Don't Worry Honey/You've Been Away So Long

Alice Howe/Engine 143 (Traditional)/The Clearing

Alice Howe/ For Your Sake/Tiger Lilly

Alice Howe/ Mile by Mile/Tiger Lilly

Alice Howe/You've Been Away So Long/You've Been Away So Long


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