Clint Alphin/The Flood/Postmodern Man

Clint Alphin/Evil Mind Blues/Postmodern Man

Clint Alphin/Nobody Gets Married Anymore /Postmodern Man

Dana Cooper/No Second Coming/Building a Human Being (APD)

Dana Cooper/Another Revolution/Building a Human Being (APD)

Dana Cooper/The Day/Building a Human Being (APD)

Hank Williams /At The First Fall Of Snow/The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

Hank Williams/ I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)/The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

Hank Williams/  I've Just Told Mama Goodbye/The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

Kevin Dooley/Sunset Town/Moonlight Highway

Kevin Dooley/Shiver me Timbers/Moonlight Highway

Kevin Dooley/Willoughby/Treehouse

Cricket Blue/Eve & Adam/Cricket Blue EP

Cricket Blue/Forsythia/ Cricket Blue EP

Cricket Blue/Oh My Rose/Cricket Blue EP

John Roberts & Debra Cowan /The Broadside Man/Ballads Long And Short

John Roberts & Debra Cowan/Jim Jones/Ballads Long And Short

John Roberts & Debra Cowan /Bold Riley/Ballads Long And Short


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