Mark Erelli/Mother of Mysteries/Little Vigils

Annie Lou/Tried and True/Tried and True

Jed Marum/Calla's Waltz/Even As I Ramble

Cassie and Maggie/The King's Shilling            /Sterling Road

Sauce Boss/Song of the Irish Band/100% Pure

Terry Holder/Fortune Teller/Flowers At Midnight

The Show Ponies/Some Lonesome Tune/Run for Your Life

Bob Dylan/Sign On The Cross/A Tree With Roots - Volume 3

John Mellencamp/Freedom of Speech/ Plain Spoken

Erika Kulnys/September So Long/Wings

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge/When I Heard Hazel Sing (Featuring Bob Harris) /Hamburger Sandwich

Bobtown/Darlin'/A History Of Ghosts

Zak Smith/Signs Of Life/Signs Of Life

Robyn Landis/Marathon/Waterproof

Nell Robinson With John Doe/ Stateside/The Rose Of No-Man's Land

Tim Grimm/Fruit/Wilderness Plots

Tom Pacheco/Angel/The Lost American Songwriter

Krista Detor/Aurora Means Dawn/Wilderness Plots


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