Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Good Crazy Thing/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Beginner/ You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Walk It Out To You/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Another Round Before It's Time            /You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Buy That Thng/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/You See This River/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Sweet Thursday/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/How You Are/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/This Small World/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Wrap Me Up/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Better Times Are Coming/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Face The Voodoo/You See This River

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/How Can I Keep From Singing/You See This River

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Na Skylark/An Cailin Deas Og/Old Ceol

Gordon Lightfoot/If You Could Read My Mind/Singers And Songwriters - The Classics

Sheila Mac Donald/Peach Song/Tangle of Trees

Rust Dust/Strange Cake/Diviners and Shivs

Jay Ungar &Molly Mason/Roscoe's Waterfall/Waltzing with You

The Burns Sisters/Hills Of Ithaca/The Hills Of Ithaca

David Stoddard/Continental Drift/You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Amy Laber/In Your Shadow/Cold, Cold Year

Cheryl Wheeler/ Shutcher Piehole / Greetings: Cheryl Wheeler Live (feat. Kenny White)

Kati Mac/Save Me From Myself/Save Me From Myself

Antonio Andrade/Bended Elbow Bended Knee/ Something Happened

Kat Goldman/Harvard Boys/Gypsy Girl

Aztec Two Step/ Lover's Lullaby/Naked

Ashley Riley/LetYouGo /Cant Let You Go

John Flynn/Eldorado/Mercy

Sarah Jarosz/Jacqueline/Undercurrent

Alastair Moock/Make It Great /Alastair Moock

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals  /Falling, Falling, Falling/Say That Now

Dead Man Winter/This House Is On Fire/Furnace

Barbara Jo Kammer/Bluegrass Melodies /One Song At A Time

Folkapotamus/Road To Nowheresville/Middle Of Nowhere

KC Groves/When The Wind Blows/Can You Hear It

Carla Ulbrich/Dr Pepper/Totally Average Woman

John Gorka/The Ballad of Iris & Pearl/True In Time

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Barry Oreck/Glory Land/Barry Oreck

Marion Halliday/Lost Things/Walking In Tall Grass

Runrig/An Ubhal As Airde - The Highest Apple/ Scotland's Glory Runrig's Ballads

Caroline Doctorow/Looks Like Christmas/Little Lovin' Darling

Chuck Brodsky/The Great Santa Snowball Debacle of 1968/Tulips For Lunch

Tracy Newman And The Reinforcements/Mama, I Know You Ain't Santa/A Place in the Sun

Bob Dylan/Must Be Santa/Christmas In The Heart

Rough Shop/A Christmas Snowfall/Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree

Hezekiah Goode/Church Bells/Two Billion Acres Of Salt

Tom Lehrer/A Christmas Carol/Song & More Songs

Bettman & Halpin/Christmas Is a Funny Thing/Merry Christmas

David Tanenbaum/Christmas Passacaglia/Christmas Guitars

Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum/Christmas Time's A-Comin/Winter's Grace

Erik Balkey/Christmastime On Mission Street/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 5

Mipso/My Burden With Me/Coming Down The Mountain

Old Crow Medicine Show/4th Time Around (Live)/50 Years of Blonde on Blonde (Live)

Paperboys/Better than the Last/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Paul Kelly/Josephina/Life Is Fine

Jude Johnstone /Road To Rathfriland/A Woman's Work

Mark Knopfler /Nobody's Got The Gun/Golden Heart

Na Skylark/The Irish Marche/Old Ceol

Ryan Koenig/Am I Still In Your Heart (Or Am I Just In Your Way)/ Two Different Worlds

Roy Zimmerman/Buddy, Can You Spare a Trillion Dollars?/Real American

L'Angélus/Tantum Ergo/Sacred Hymns Collection

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Scott Paul & Fred Boenig/Johnny Got A Gun For Christmas /single

Antonio Andrade/Unforgettable/Something Happened

Antje Duvekot/ Gypsy/Toward The Thunder

Randall Kromm/Christmas In The Clink/Holidays And Homecomings

Siobhán O'Brien/Indians/Siobhan Obrien

Rich Krueger/A Stoopid Broken Heart/Life Aint That Long

Rich Krueger/It's That Time Again/Life Ain't That Long Radio Promo Extra CD

Ryanhood/Christmas Falling/On Christmas

Rachael Sage/Tchatchkes Latkes/Joy!

Jesse Albert and Susan Martello/No William /Single

Bruce T. Carroll/(Christmas) Without You/Ruckus And Romance

The Toby Tobias Ensemble/Don't Say/Africa You Belong to Me

Ellis/I Belong Here Next To You/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set Two

David Roth/Legacy/Rising In Love

Rita Hosking/Blow Northwest Wind/Little Boat

Ellis Paul/If You Break Down/Essentials

Chuck Brodsky /The 9:30 Pint/ Color Came One Day

Chuck Brodsky/The Man Who Blew Kisses/Two Sets

Toby Tobias/Story Of Our Lives /Reach Out

Jody Quine & the Big Mr. C/Got My Eye On You Santa/single           


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Pumpkin Bread/Factor's Row/Pumpkin Bread

Lisa Jeanette/Lullabye/Chasing Happy

Naming The Twins/Why Can't We/Collectibles

Everest Rising/ In A Minute/Chasing Ghosts

Tracy Grammer/daffodil days/low tide

Siobhán O'Brien/The Fox/Songs I Grew Up To

Siobhán O'Brien/Scarlet Ribbons/Songs I Grew Up To

The Accidentals/Crow's Feet/Odyssey

Jim Page/Questions And Answers/A Hand Full Of Songs

Jim Page/Jims Song/A Hand Full Of Songs

Bruce T. Carroll/The House On The Hill/Ruckus And Romance

Caleb Klauder/Just A Little/Innocent Road

David Stoddard/Parfrey's Glen/Get Off My Lawn

David Stoddard/Santa (Rides a Big Ol' Harley Davidson)/Get Off My Lawn

No Fuss and Feathers /Quiet Christmas/Traveling Circus

Zoë Lewis/The Sound Of Wings/The Sound Of Wings

Zoë Lewis/Peking Duck/The Sound Of Wings

Everest Rising/Garden In My Mind/Chasing Ghosts

Tom Chapin/When The Family Sings/Threads

Ryanhood/Good News (On Christmas)/On Christmas

Mike McKenna Jr./Pacific Northwest Bound/Pacific Northwest Bound

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/Save Me From Myself/Contraband Love

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Phil Ochs/There But For Fortune/Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties

Meghan Carey/ River Rock/Sing Louder

Bruce Davies/There But For Fortune/Blowin' In The Wind : The Other Great American Songbook Vol 1

Jayme Stone/That's All Right/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Gathering Time/There But For Fortune/When One Door Closes...

Kat Goldman/ Put Your Toolbox Down/The Workingman's Blues

Rex Fowler/There But For Fortune/What's That I Hear - The Songs Of Phil Ochs [Disc 2]

Jeffrey Martin/Golden Thread/ One Go Around

Tom Paxton/There but for fortune/Song Night Dec 5 1985

Rachael Kilgour/Rabbit in the Road/Rabbit in the Road

The New Christy Minstrels/There But for Fortune/Single

Kirsten Maxwell/We Always Miss/Crimson

Joshua James/ Dark Cloud/My Spirit Sister

Pat Wictor/There But For Fortune/This Is Absolutely Real

John Batdorf/Like the First Time/Willoughby

Magpie/ There But For Fortune/Give Light

Uncle Earl/Orphan Train/She Went Upstairs

Sammy Walker /There But For Fortune/Old Time Southern Dream

KC Groves /Lover's Return/Happy Little Trees

Joan Baez/There But For Fortune/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Sean McConnell/Babylon /Undone

Joe K. Walsh/There But For Fortune/Borderland

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Barry Oreck/Baby Boomer/Barry Oreck

Rachael Sage/Hanukkah In The Village/Joy!

Jeremy Aaron/Filthy Old Farm/In The Magic Light

Alicyn Packard/ Bigger Heart/Heartbeat Of The Universe

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/The Other Side of Pain/Contraband Love

Roy Zimmerman/End of the Ship/Real American

Jaeger & Reid/Close My Eyes/From Way Up Here

Rupert Wates/The Day The Great Ship Went Down/The Lights Of Paris

Andy & Judy / Christmas/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Terry Kitchen / Over The Christmas Moon/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Kate MacLeod            /The Oregon Trail/Deep in the Sound of Terra

Siobhán O'Brien/My Man/Siobhan Obrien

Skinner and T'witch/I Don't Want an I Pad/single

David Hawkins/It Only Hurts When I Cry/Everything That Brought You Here

Pat Lamanna/All One Peace/Something Beautiful

Chris LaVancher /Why I Love These Holidays/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Kris Delmhorst/Temporary Existence/The Wild

Noel Paul Stookey / Somethin' Special/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Anne Hills/Early Snow/The Things I Notice Now

Mark Brine/You're An Old Timey Tune/Old Timey Tunes, Volume 2

Mark Brine/Baby, You Make It Feel Alright/Old Timey Tunes, Volume 2

Bruce Davies/Ramblin' Boy/Blowin' In The Wind : The Other Great American Songbook Vol 1

Barry Oreck/We'll Never Change/Barry Oreck


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Jeff White-Donna Ulisse-Doug Flowers/Picture I Still Carry/Doug Flowers Favorites

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge/The Falling Song (Featuring Bob Harris & Gary Oleyar)/Hamburger Sandwich

Sultans of String feat. Rebecca Campbell/Hallelujah/Christmas Caravan

Martin Swinger  /Christmas Blues/Scrapbook

Mike McKenna Jr./Ye Witches/Pacific Northwest Bound

Jim Iler-Don Rigsby-Doug Flowers/Girl from the Canyon/Doug Flowers Favorites

Alicyn Packard/ Cartwheels/Heartbeat Of The Universe

John Gorka/The Ballad of Iris & Pearl/True In Time

Jesse Albert/Susan Martello/Why Do I Love You/Single

Jesse Albert/TC Smith  /Everybody Loves A Clown/Passing By the Accident

David Massengill/Jesus, the Fugitive Prince/The Return

Joe Ely/ I Gotta Find Ol' Joe/Streets of Sin

Samantha Fish  /Need You More/Belle Of Yhe West

John Gorka/Red Eye and Roses/True In Time

David Stoddard/Good Fences  /Get Off My Lawn

Ian Foster/New Rush For An Old Town/Sleeper Years

Mama's Broke/Count The Wicked/Count The Wicked

Remington Ryde/Mr. King/A Storyteller's Memory

Sofia Talvik/The War/The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Michael Johnathon/Troubadour/Evening Song

Natalie Alexander/I Don't Want To Catch My Breath            /Natalie Alexander [EP]

Sweet Potatoes /Life's Railway to Heaven/Headin' Home

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Quarter Horse/Push Me Away/Quarter Horse

Mike McKenna Jr./The Shepherd/Pacific Northwest Bound

Mike McKenna Jr./The Wake/Pacific Northwest Bound

Kathleen Healy /N'affirmation Song/Spark

The Toby Tobias Ensemble/Don't Say/Africa You Belong to Me

Bett Padgett/Birds Of Winter/At The End Of The Day

Kim Moberg/Goodbye To Yesterday/Above Ground

Tracy Grammer/good life/low tide

Beth Bradley Rob Carlson/Hearts Of Palm/Beth Bradley Rob Carlson

Ali Handal/Thank God For Birth Control/That's What She Said

Dan Merritt/Dire Dire Docks/Get Yourself Together

Marion Halliday/Lost Things/Walking In Tall Grass

Antonio Andrade/Something Happened/Something Happened

Barry Oreck/Chicken Little/Barry Oreck

Marion Halliday/Resting On Laurel Hill/Walking In Tall Grass

Chris Hardy/ Endless Possibilities / 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Compilation CD

Tracy Grammer/The Verdant mile/low tide

David Stoddard.Psalm 159/You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Kicking Down Doors/Jenny Jenkins/Kicking Back

Carla Ulbrich/Dr Pepper/Totally Average Woman

Jessica Graae/The Sailor And The Angel/Blue Heart

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Jack Hardy/Fool For The Dancer (Movin' On Down The Road)/Civil Wars

Lara Herscovitch/Wingspan/Wingspan - Single

Joe Crookston/Blue Tattoo/Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Terry Holder/When Will I Be Loved/Ticket To The Moment

Ellis/Hurricane/Break The Spell

Montgomery Delaney/Broken Balloons/Walking In The Light

Jeffrey Martin/Long Gone Now/One Go Around

Chris Hillman/Bells Of Rhymney/Bidin' My Time

Ian Foster/Postcards/Sleeper Years

Leslie Nuchow /I Don't Want to Die Before I Die/Balm for Gilead

Bob Dylan/Ring Them Bells/The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs [Disc 2]

Joe Jencks/Christmas In Mansfield/Hudson Harding Sampler: Happy Holidays, Vol. 4

Hudson Harding/Christine Lavin - The Runaway Christmas Tree/Happy Holidays, Volume 10

Andrew Neil/Tears Of A Soldier/Code Purple

Rachael Sage/Tchatchkes Latkes/Joy!

Rachael Sage/Joy To The World/Joy!

Paul Stookey/Impeachable/Summerfallwinterspring

Eric Andersen/Maid Of Athens/Mingle With The Universe: The Worlds Of Lord Byron

Tom Smith/To A Songwriter/Journey Home

Mama's Broke/Weak Winter's Sun -Margaree -Balea Baya/Count The Wicked


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